Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who's Bad????

Life is what you make it,so me and my brothers made life fun,even at times when it wasn't that much fun.I guess you could say in a matter of speaking that we were bad kids to a certain extent.Always getting into and doing things that we know we shouldn't.Me and my younger brother was the worse,we lived on the fifth floor in our apartment building,and when we couldn't go outside,we would make games up in the house.But not normal kid games,we were devilish.One night having nothing to do and being bored as hell me and my brother desided to get some potatoes and throw them out the window at people as they walked down the street.Yeah it was the wrong thing to do,but it was fun,funny and we couldn't stop laughing at the reaction of people.One guy just mining his own business while walking down the street,it's not late but it is dark outside,say maybe 10 or 11 o'clock in the evening,and he's walking not knowing what's about to happen to him.And just as he gets under our window it starts raining Idaho potatoes on him.He is now ducking with his hands over his head in full sprint.He gets to the corner where he approaches a woman who is about to walk up into the block,and he tells her that someones throwing shit out of the window, and that it hit him.He never did see who it was,because of it being dark outside,and when we threw the potatoes we would duck out of the window real quick.We started getting real crazy with it,throwing onions,eggs,plaster from the walls in our apartment,big black garbage bags full of water,a whole shopping list of shit,yeah we was bad.We ripped the plaster off of the walls so bad,that you could literally see the neighbors next door through the walls.Momma use to beat our asses.I had a love for animals,so if I was walking down the street and saw a stray animal dog,cat,bird,monkey whatever,I was going to take it home,and my moms pretty much let me keep whatever animal that it was,so I had a lot of pets throughout my life.We already had a dog name prince,he was a big ass germanshepard attack dog,much like a police dog,but very mean.If you were not apart of our family or if he didn't know you,you could not come in our house.One day one of my moms male friends came over,I was in my bed which my room was the first room once you come in the front door.My moms either left the door unlocked for him or he had a key I don't remember,But I remember him peeping in the house because he didn't know if prince was put up or not,he couldn't just come in prince didn't know or like him like that.But once he open the door prince heard him and came charging down the hallway,I heard the door slam quick.Then all of a sudden prince runs into my room,all the while I'm laying in the bed trying to go to sleep.He jump on my bed laying across me,barking at something he thinks just ran in my room and is hiding up under my bed.I was so scared of my own dog,that I did not even move a lick,for fear that had I moved he would have thought that I was whatever it was he was looking for,and start biting me.Talking about being stiff as a board.My mom would ask me to go with her to walk him a lot of times,and I would,but I was very scared to hold her hand while walking with her,because with prince for one you had to put a mussel on him,and the way he pull my moms around,he just looked and acted like a killer dog which he was,he would tear you up if he got a hold of you.Mom was always working so that gave me and my brothers more freedom then we needed.My oldest brother got into more trouble then he needed too,he's was doing things way worse then what me and my youngest was doing.Seems like he got his ass whipped everyday.Check it out...One day I was outside playing,my moms was gone somewhere with one of her girlfriends.A police car rolls up through the block,stop in front of my building where I just so happened to be standing,who's in the back seat in handcuffs,my oldest brother.Now the first thing that comes to my mine is....oooooooh shit, mommie is going to kick your ass,and he knew it too,you can tell by the look on his face,but this ain't the first time he's been in trouble with the law.So he tells me to tell my mom to come get him from the police station.Thinking damn,why you got to put me in the middle of this shit.Now everybody in my block knew that my 4"5inch mother was off the fuckin chain,and they saw that my brother was in the police car.Here comes my moms,in her little sundress looking all happy like she was having a really good day coming up the block,talking to people she knows as she is getting closer to the building where I'm standing waiting to tell her this news that I don't want to tell.She's like hey,you alright,where's ya brothers.I'm like Kenney at his friends house,and Marvin...Marvin just came through here alittle while ago in a police car in handcuffs,he said that to come get him from the police station.All the happy I just saw on my moms face 2min. ago was now gone.She went upstairs and came down a in a matter of mins.Jeans and sneakers on,hair pulled back,and a peace of rawhide leather about 2inches thick that she calls Bessie,Bessie done touched on alot of asses,ripped flesh,bruised skin,Bessie was so bad,that she had to be hidden sometimes,for me and my brothers would prefer to be whipped with some other type of leather other then Bessie's rawhide.About an hour or two pasted,seems like the whole block knew what was about to happen,they were lined up from the corner all the way up to my building,just waiting.Now know lie,about two blocks away I notice two figures running towards the block ,it was both my mother and my brother,and she beat his ass from the time they left out of the police station all the way home,and my moms was fast then,you could not out run her,and if you did your ass was in even more trouble.So they come running through the block, my brother trying to block the thrash of Bessie,but moms is an old pro when it comes to the thrashing with Bessie,and she intend on hitting her mark every time.She gives me a look like OK let's get upstairs,which she didn't have to speak a word for me to know to do just that.We get upstairs,and instantly I grab a broom and start sweepin,anything to take the focus off me while she gears up to whip my brothers ass some more.He get's arrested for stealing a head2head calikovision football game downtown with his friend Ross,who was nothing but trouble himself.The cops gave chase and catches both of them at Macy's Department store.Police said that he tried to give all kinds of different names.Yessir you now have the right to get ya ass tore up.And it did get just that,tore the fuck up.She likes to whip you while you are as naked as a jay bird,and will whip you for hours depending on how bad the situation is.She don't care if you are out of breath,if she hit you in the head,face,anywhere.And don't even try to musta up the words to say that you are tired and can't take no more,I did that once,and thank god I am able to tell you about it today,that's the wrong thing to say.I was in my room when I heard the front door go, Click,click,click as the locks are being unlock,He cracked,he couldn't take anymore,running downstairs in his birthday suite.My moms come in my room and tells me "Go get your brother,and bring him back in here before I whip your ass". Well that's all you had to tell me,because from the jump,I wanted no parts of it anyway.So I goes downstairs,laughing because here's my oldest brother buck fuckin naked in the buildings hallway where anyone,everyone can see all of his glory hahahahahaha,sorry that just madd funny to me.So I'm like yo,mommy told me to come and get you and bring you back upstairs.He's like crying and shit,saying nah man,mommy crazy,she beating me for hours I'm tried,I ain't going back up there,I'm running away,So I'm like, well that's not going to happen and I grabbed his ass up,and said that she said that she was going to whip my ass if I didn't bring you back upstairs,so we can't have that happen, so you might as well bring your ass on nigga,cause you ain't going nowhere.Moms ain't play the radio boooy,glad I don't have to go through that anymore{Deep Breath}.

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