Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lady's Man!!!

I had dealings with many women in my life,probably more then I needed to.But as alittle boy I knew that I had something that women wanted.They would always come at me,give me looks,smile as if they knew me,or wanted to know me.Which in time I learned to use to my advantage.My front door became more like a revolving door, with women coming in and out 24-7.I was well known in my neighborhood just for the different women that came in and out of my house.I'll be real and say that I became alittle cocky with it after awhile.You see as a little boy,the older girl's would always tell me how cute I was,they always wanted to kiss on me,and at times let me feel them up.I got into sex way before my moms even thought about discussing sex with me.By the time she sat me down to have the sex talk,I saw that it was alittle hard for her,she was having trouble trying to find the words,so I just said don't worry ma,I already know.She asked me how did I know,and I told her that I was already out there.Yeah..I was out there,but not really.I mean I was actually going through the motions,but didn't really know what the hell I was really doing.I had a bunch of friends that I use to run with,which we are still friends to this day.We were a bunch of little perverts,we all were no more then about 7 or 8 years old,doing things that little boys shouldn't be doing with little girl's.Like one day, me and my youngest brother had these two little girl's,as I said we were about 7 or 8,and they wanted to come and play with us in our house,so I asked my moms if we could have company,she asked who was coming,so I said Nickie & Marlina.So she say yeah and it was on from there.You see me and my brother had plans on what we were going to be doing when they got there.So we put down some blankets behind the sofa,made it look all nice and what not,and when the girl's came we let them in,and went straight behind the sofa.Now the livingroom was kind of connected to my moms room with a door separating the two rooms,and my moms was on the phone with one of her friends.So here we are 4 kids behind the sofa having what we all thought was sex,but was more like dry humpin just naked.Now we are kissing and humpin and carrying on,the girl's are giggling and laughing,and all of a sudden I heard my moms say "Hold on girl let me go see what these kids are doing".I've always had very good ears,so when I heard that,I round under the sofa,pull up my pants,and here comes my moms,She pull back the sofa,to find my brother still humpin,his ears ain't as good as mine,and I couldn't warn him in time because it was all happening too fast.She said "what the hell is going on".The girl's jump up screaming trying to pull up their pants while my moms is chasing them down the hallway and out the door,calling them all kinds of little whores,and sluts.Man it was a trip that day there,she told their mothers what was going on,came back upstairs and beat the hell out of us.After that it never stopped,we kept messing with those girl's and was getting more and more perverted with them.As I had gotten older my sex life had upgraded,because I like being the best at everything that I do.You know it's like playing an instrument,you start out with it very young and become a master at it when you become older,if you keep practicing at it.Sometimes you can become so good at it,you can drive a woman crazy.Which has also happened a few times in my life.And if you are dealing with more then one and let's say get busted some how,it can be very dangerous.But because of the story's that I was told as a kid about my father,I treated women very good,a hopeless romantic mixed with alittle corny.Bringing flowers,holding hands,walks in the park,cooking dinner,massages,kisses,hugs,all in which leads up to sex,and not just straight sex either,I'm talking slinky,kinky,frecky,deaky,hot butt naked sex,type shit that make you yell out " I LOVE YOU ". I had alot of wild nights.It got so good to one chick that she called out another katts name,then put her hands over her mouth in shock that she said that and stopped,I told her don't stop babie,shit I'll be Ronnie,Bobby,Ricky,and Mike if you want LOL.And then being into music and doing shows and what not,that's just madd extra,because if you are a half way decent looking katt and your music is decent as well,someone going to try and get your attention and the next thing you know she in your bed.Honestly my whole life has been around women,that's all I've ever been into,sometimes I think more then the average man.See all the people that helped raise me are women,Mother,grandmother,Godmother,Aunts,so all I've ever known is women.And as I look back over my life,it's just been woman after woman after woman after woman with very little brakes in between.Now some may say oh he's just scared to be alone...not true,to be honest I love being alone,because all relationships go through something,and being married for the third time,I'm just tired of what a relationship has to go through.That may sound selfish of me,but that's just how I feel.Relationships to me weather it be,boyfriend and girlfriend,husband or wife,it's just to much work involved.And no I never divorced because I cheated or anything like that,it was for other reasons,and as far as marrying three times go,I feel that sometimes when going through the bag of apples,you get a few bad ones,but you don't get bitter about it,you just keep digging through the bag until you find a good one,and that's the case of me marrying three times.I had two bad ones,and the third is suppose to be the charm...suppose to be.Yeah I have plenty of story's but I won't go through them all,and I also have learn a great deal about myself and women,Alot of women say that they just want a good man,but most not all but most women have been dealing with garbage for so long,that when they do get one they don't know how to treat him, and that goes both ways,because they have been dealing with garbage for so long.And then most people bring baggage into a new relationship that they had in the last relationship,which makes that new relationship go bad.Then you have the ones that I called lucky,Lucky to have been with someone long enough to know and understand that person,although they themselfs have delt with the ups and down in a relationship,but delt with it better then most could ever.It's hard and constance work,again Life's curve balls.


  1. Ronnie,Bobby,Ricky and Mike? lmao You are a nut for that New Edition moment. haha This is nice, like the last. Writing is therapy man. We are going to get you published when I get mine set up. We'll have you to comprise more blogs like these and call the book;
    "KappaTan: Excerpts for Life" lol Keep up the great writing. And keep making them funny too. lol

  2. Your blog looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. keep it up the good work. Beth

  3. A good read.

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