Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'll Drive You Crazy if You Let Me!!!!!!!!

As a child I would always have these same two dreams on the regular,every night,(1) I would always see myself on stage proforming with my name in big bright lights,and crowds of people screaming my name,and (2)Being a truck driver,driving my 18 wheeler in the desert with my sports car in the back of the trailer,so that I can park my truck and driver my car to different places.Sounds crazy...well hey...I was a kid what do you want?I always had a love for driving,I
didn't care what it was,I was the first one in my family to get my drivers license,then tought my
mother,and brothers how to drive.So when I went back to New York from Florida, I got a job driving yellow taxi cabs for the city,I loved it,I was my own boss,worked my own hours,made very good money,and was off whenever I wanted to take off,it couldn't get any better then that.
I drove cabs for about 7 years before going back to Florida.What I most like about it is the early,early mornings just before the sun comes up,and the streets are finally empty from everybody running around and clubbing and doing whatever it is they were doing that night.There's hardly a soul outside,you can hear the birds singing,from all the hustle and bustle of the City life,for maybe an hour or so,it's just quite.As if there is no one else in the world but you,it's beautyful.And the worse part is that you get to see all walks of life,from the so called high and mighty money makers,to the lowest scum on earth.What ever you can think of out there,
trust that 9 times out of 10 you will run into it at some point.I lived in Manhattan, so I would start work about 3am in the morning,go and pick up my cab in the Bronx,then drive back to Manhattan,Because Manhattan is where the money at.I would drive to the west side of town,that's where I would start,unless I picked up a fare while I'm headed that way.I did the samething everyday for 7 years,You see I had a system as to how I made my money,and I can honestly say that,I made my money everyday,while most katts be complanning about how it wasn't any money out there,or they just had a bad day and couldn't make none.Shit I NEVER had that problem,I thank God.Driving a cab in NYC is a very dangerous job,you can get robbed,you can get shot in the back of the head,people can run off without paying you your money,and worse of all, alot of people don't like NYC cab driver because they feel that we think we own the road, or just crazy ass drivers,we are the lowest of the low...that's how they feel.Most cab drivers are foreign anyway and they don't really respect people, mainly women,and they drive like they are still in the damn desert somewhere.Being a cab driver is a very tough business, some say that it's worse then being a NYC cop,and more dangerous.Again I thank God that I never really had problems,but I did have some...I'll get to that in a sec.New York is the Big Apple,and there is so much to do in the Big Apple no matter what time it is,so when I come out the crazy's are still pretty much out as well.So I go to the west side and then work my way downtown,looking for someone to throw their hand in the air which means they want a cab.Now the bad thing about it is,there's about 30 to 40,000 cab in the city,so if you see a hand go up in the air,you better believe that 10 other drivers see it too,now it's a race for the fare.I had a saying and it goes like this " He ain't yours,until he's in your back seat " and I made sure they was in my back seat.Another thing that I had that was a step above the rest was that I'm American,Oh passengers love that shit,they will sometimes tip you just for being American.And there is another little thing that I would do,I would read the person that I am picking up,I'd have my radio already set with Hop Hip,classical,and jazz music.So as I'm pulling up to pick you up, I'm checking you out trying to guess what type of music you might like,alot of times I was dead on,and the passenger loved it...Ching,ching mo money,mo money,mo money.You see it's the little things that get you paid,you just have to make it work for you.The good thing about being your own boss is you don't have to take shit from nobody.Like one day I was having a really good day,picked up this lady asked her where was she going,she told me I put the meter on now we rollin, I know where I'm going,the quickest route to get there,and I've been doing this for a min now.So here she goes trying to fuck up my day,"You should've took 43rd street,you're driving to fast,bah,bah,bah. I'm trying to tell her that this is the quickest way,I'm sorry ma'am,I'll slow down ma'am,now shes saying shes going to write me up and bah,bah,bah.I pulled over tires screechin,and told her look,"Get your ass out of my cab lady,you're going to cause me to have an accident or something,I'm trying to get you to where you're going safely,and all that yellin and hollaring I ain't wit that,Get your ass out of my cab,Now she's like " Oh forget about it, just keep driving " I'm like Oh hell no, get your ass out of my cab.And left her ass standing right there on the corner to nowhere. She got me twisted.You see some people think that cab drivers don't make a whole lot of money, and that you are beneath them, so they can talk to you any kind of way that they want too...yeah right,get ya ass out.Then you got the ones that want to get where they are going quick,fast and in a hurry,now them I like.Every time you pass another car they're looking back to see if you cleared the car you just passed,man people use to tell me,if they ever wanted to rob a bank, they want me to be the get away driver,because I don't play.My thing was this,the faster you get them in and get them out,the quicker you can look for another one,at $2.00 a pop I found myself doing 50 0r 60 trips a day,and that's good because not everbody can say that they do that.One guy gets in my cab early in the morning,tell me to take him downtown...ok,now I'm rollin,here he goes,"My friend hooked me up with this guy,he was cool,we had a few drink and all of a sudden he's all over me,he was a freak(speaking and a gay tone of voice) a freak I'm telling you.I'm like "Yo dude, if you don't mine,I don't want to hear that shit man,keep that one to yourself alight" he saids "What's the matter with you,you having a bad morning" I'm thinking to myself hell nah fruit rollup,I just don't want to hear about that fagget ass shit.Man you see all kinds of shit out there.I'm headed uptown one morning while it's still dark outside,I see three katts trying to brake into a leather jacket store,or a whole club of people fighting each other in the middle of the street,real pimps with the fur coats and big pimp hats on,walking up and down the street trying to get other pimps women on their team,telling them "Oh you going to be my bitch,you going to be my bitch.Then pimps shooting at each other because of that,and most times killing each other.Hookers giving head to their john in their cars that are parked on the side of the street.Transsexuals standing on the corners like hookers trying to sell their body's with the full get up on, from the shoes to the dresses,and when you drive past them they lift up their dresses and show you their dicks.Man that shit is crazy...forreal.So after I put in my time,I moved back to Florida upgraded my license to a class B then started driving the city bus,did that for another 7 years.Now that was a very kushie job, you get to dress up in a nice press out uniform,smelling all good,making 50,000 a year,I was single then so yeah I was doing my thing,living good,fly crib,fatt whips,nice clothes,it was all good,way better then driving a cab.It took a min. to get to top dollar but when I did man it was on,all day everyday.Went out and got me a black 350z,tricked it out real good,with some new shoes,threw a grill on the front,met a good friend who had a red joint just like mine 350z and we was doing it.Clubs every weekend,meeting women everywhere we was going,speed madd speed,we would run them cars as fast as 150mph, burning the road up,with anyone who wanted to race.Go to the club and get so drunk sometimes I didn't know how I got home.I had so many katts hating on me,mainly katts that I work with.Man I was straight doing it,screwing female drivers,chicks that work upstairs in the office,passengers,Katts on the job even change my name to Dirty Redd because I was Dirty,Dirrrty.Had chicks on the lott trying to run each other over with the buses,having to go upstairs to the boss,and they asking me what am I doing,what's going on,man I was a HOTT MESS hahahahaha.No I'm not all that,but you can't put me around beautyful women and think ain't nothing going to happen because it is,for every 1 that turn me down,there's 10 that will turn me on,that's just how it is.After a while tho,I started to hate driving, something that I never would have thought.I guess after so many years you get burned out,and boy did I.The only bad thing is that's all I've ever known driving.Now for years I've known that I had diabetes,just like my father before me,also my grandmother,mother,and a lease one of my brothers have it.I almost die from mine,too,too,much drinking,and also like my father I LOVED sweets.So with that being said my sugar levels was 1264 at that point,doctors said that I should've been in a coma or dead,and he didn't know how or why for that matter,that I'm still around.Well Doc Jesus loves me,and he said that I still have work to do here,it's not my time.That was maybe 3 years ago,and in that time I've been working to get myself better,whichI have God to thank.It took awhile for me to get better and I lost my kushie job because of it,lost everything for that matter,then turned around and got into a very bad car accident,where I was not wearing a seatbelt,hit the guardrail at 70mph took flight,car flipping over 3 times and landing back on all fours,and I walk away with just a broke leg.Well Doc Jesus love me,and he said that I still have work to do here,it's not my time.Thank you Jesus.So now I am much better went back out upgraded my license again to a CDL class A.The morole to this story is that out of having 2 dreams as a kid,getting 1 out of 2 ain't a bad thing at all,again life's carve balls!

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