Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You are my brothers,My love for you will never change!

Momma called us her three kings,and we are that,in our own right, kings.You are my brothers,and I will forever love you,and die for you if need be.In spite of our differences,what we agree on or disagree on,you are still my brothers,my love for you will never change.We've been through alot togather,as well as individually,We've always been there for each other,through goodtimes and bad.Weather at times I get on your nerves,or you get on mine,we are still brothers,my love for you never changes.At times we may see things differently,life,love,how you feel we were raised,money issues,how we raise our family's,how we condust ourselfs...regardless of what is, we are still bothers my love for you will never change.You are my brothers, that will never change,even if you treat me different,or say things behind my back,I'm man enough to let you act the way you are,and still love you as my brother,because my love for you will never change.You could never again called me,or want to be bothed with me in anyway,shape or form...but to me you are still my brother,my love for you will never change.Although we are brothers and come from the same mother,we are very much different and many ways,but what you do to me,don't mean that I have to do the same to you.You see what I feel in my heart is unlike what you feel in yours,My love for you is stronger,deeper.You are all that I have,all that I know,all that I want to have as far as brother go,can't no one replace you.You are and will always be a part of me,even in death,you will still be my brother,and my love for you will never change.There's no one in this world,that I would rather share a laugh with,or look back over old times with,or just be around sometimes with,then my brothers.Help you when you fall,be that voice of reason for you,or even something as simple as watching a game togather.Because once all that is gone,theres nobody to share that with,like your brother can.You can't change me or the way that I feel about you..because you are my brothers,my love for you will never change.That's just the brother that you have in me..and the brother you will see when one king meets another king again....Brothers til the end!

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