Friday, August 21, 2009

Yo haterz,Hi ya doing!!!!

Yo haterz where you at, Oh my bad you motherfuckaz are everywhere,everywhere that I need you to be & some places I don't. But no matter where the you are, you motherfuckaz make me shine. I need you like I need a pretty woman, a pocket full of money,a nice big house,a fat whip,a loving family,some friends that give a damm about me,oh bad I already have all those things,and if I can recall some of you motherfuckaz was there along the way of me getting most of those things.You niggaz actually help push me into getting most of them.So that's why I need you to stay on your job,because if you helped me get this far,shit why stop now. I need you to tell me that I can't do this,or that.Because if you are not telling me these things maybe I wouldn't be as driven as I am to prove you wrong.So keep up the good work & PLEASE don't lose your job, I depend on you,so stay up & hold it down,don't stop keep it moving, & by all means keep hating.

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