Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who am I!!

I've come along way in this life of mine,been through more then I wanted to.But as I look back on things,I see that it has made me a better person,I love who I am,although I feel that there is still room for improvement.Through the grace of God,I am still here,I am still pushing forward,
still achiveing goals set by me.My children are filled with love,and my family is stronger then ever.We all as a people go through ups & downs in life,But it's how you deal with it that makes you a better person or not.We all have a story to tell,some more harder then others,We all go
through things,some more harder then others.But we all as people wish we didn't have to go through anything at all,But then that would make this a perfect world,which we all know is not.Life's curve balls,can go left or right,one day you can be on top of the world,and the next it can feel like you just fell into a bottomless pit.Who you surround yourself with can also make a difference,We all can use positive people around us at all times,But there are still many devilish people out there that don't want to see you make it,or pull it off.I've set goals for myself that I did not complete,not that I didn't try,but maybe for whatever reason was just not for me to complete,and had people there,telling me that I wasn't going to make it or why even bother trying.But it only made me try even more harder,I don't let others dictate what they think I should or should not do or can do.And I don't need people around me,that only want to see me fail.What I see in myself, is much more then what you see in me,In my mind,I can do anything,as long as I put in the work,as long as i'm trying to,and as long as I want to keep on pushing for it,I can do it.What I've been through in this life,has tought me to appreciate the things that I want and have.I am a very strong person,and you can not stop me,or move me,or bring me down.I don't know how to quit,it is not in me to.I am a force to be recken with,And when yousee me on it,make way,because I'm coming through.

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