Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Type katt is he!

Type katt is he...He that type katt you hate for no reason,you see him and instantly you judge him,as if you already know him or something,Oh, who this nigga is,he ain't from around here,That nigga think he all that,look at how he dressed,who he think he is.OK LET"S FIND OUT...He that type katt that been through hell and back,You know the type...the one when he was a kid watched his youngest brothers father burn his oldest brother feet with scolden hot water leaving burn flesh around the tub like a dirty ring, because his mother refuse to marry his sick ass,that type katt that watched his moms get abused by different boyfriends she dated,as he and his siblings stood helplessly because they were to young to stop it.Type katt,that grew up in a single parent home,as most kids these days do.Type katt that lived in rat infected homes,with little to no food at all,sometimes splitting a candy bar for dinner because mom had no money for food.Type katt that got jumped almost everyday just because he looked different(not black) Type katt,that had much of nothing growing up,Chrismas.. much of nothing,Birthdays..much of nothing..Thanksgiving..maybe something..if we were lucky..Not sayin he had a bad mother...But saying somethings in his life she did wrong or backwards,because her mother did things in her life that was wrong or backwards.Type of katt that was made strong,and molded strong by a strong black woman.A woman that had a rule about her kids,and that rule is as followed,If you have a problem with either of my children,you bring it to me.Don't take it apon youself to chasties my kids.One lady didn't hear about that rule,and had to learn the hard way.Type katt that was raised by a HARD ass woman,meaning she was mom when you needed mom,but she also was dad because dad wasn't around.Type katt,that learn about hustlin from his mom,she was a pro,had many different I.D's with many different looks & names.And totally ripped the welfare department off of 1000's of dollars,then life started changing.Moms straight turned gangster,started packin dat fire,rollin wit her click,Sit her kids down and told them raw dogg,If either of you become a fagget...I'll put a bullet in ya head...type shit!Type katt that had no choice but to be a man... all man,Type katt that was tought everything,how to cook,clean,wash,iron,sew and how to hustle all the basic skills to survive.Type katt that was always the favorite in his mothers eye,which was noticable to his siblings and also caused jealousy between them.Type katt that had to fight his own brothers like enmies in the street.Type katt that people always say to"Why don't you ever smile" Type katt that has broken the cycle of( this is my favorite child) with his own two kids a girl & a boy both of the same name just spell differently.Type katt that is apart of both his kids lifes,because they are his, and he wants to be for them what his father couldn't be,not because he didn't want to be there,but because his life was took before he could see his only child.Type katt that's a go getta,that make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.Type katt that's hard working,and knows the value of God, family,love,money,true friends,commitment,honesty,loyalty,sacrifice...Type katt that women love to be around,and talk to,and wish they could have,Type katt that conducts himself like a man,because he pasted that boy stage along time ago,Type katt that knows what he wants, when he wants it,and will push hard to get it at all cost,Type katt that ain't got time for that bullshit.. none,Type katt that will step to you like a man,but don't step to him any old kind of way... trust that,it won't be nice.Type katt that came from alittle of nothing,but wanted more and became something,That's that type katt is he!

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