Friday, August 21, 2009

The playa!!

I grew up in New York City's Harlem,uptown where it all started.I never met my father because he died two months before I was born.He was a Jazz player for Count Bassie,and Duke Ellington,he played the drums.My mom always had good things to say about him,infact she loved him very much as well as he her.I am 40 years old and she still talks about him til this day.Anyway,from a child hearing all these good things about him,I put in my mind,that I was going to try and be somewhat like him.She always told me how good he was to her,and how well he treated her,how he acted around her and so on.You see the era in those days was different,it also was a different way of living.When my mom meet him he was 49 and she was 21.He wanted to do alot for her and her first born child that was not his,and to be honest he did alot for me even in death.My dad served in World War ll,where he also was a musican,and won a metal of honor,She told me,that when my grandfather first met him,he like him right off the back,and told her that this was the one.But my grandmother didn't like him for reasons I won't go into.Anyway,when my mom found out she was pregnant she told him and he was very,very happy,because I was his first child.She said that he use to come home with big giant donuts,and cookies and would eat them all up.He had some heart problems,and from eating so many sweets all the time,he became a diebetic,which eventuality killed him,dieing from a heartattack.So growing up knowing what I know about my dad,I tried to be that type of guy with my lady friends.Because I feel that there is nothing wrong with making a woman feel special at all times.Now when I was younger not even in my teens yet,I had the older girls trying to get at me...come on now,you know back in the days,lightskin brothers had it going on,we were the in thing,I don't know what the hell happen since then LOL.But it was cool and it was also cool if you looked mixed with something,other then just the lightskined color.I was very shy coming wouldn't beleave how shy,but once I came out of my shell,it was a wrap.In my teens,when katts was out on the corner selling there dope,I was out baggin the badest chicks I could find.I eventuality followed the music like my dad,and played the drums in school bands,hoping that my fathers talent would some how rub off on me...Nah,I was alright with them,just know jazz player...that's for sure.But god had a different plan for me,he blessed me with the skill to write music instead.So I did that for a good while,I'll say from 14 til about 30,is when I stop writing music.I was yes...a rapper,and was pretty damn good once upon a time.I did the Apollo in NYC 3 times,was on tour,did blockparty's,jams,weddings,club proformances,talent show,whatever you can think of,I did.It was the best part of my life,I really enjoyed myself,There's nothing in the world like write some music at home and then taking it somewhere,where people can hear you live and inconcert,and they are feeling what you wrote...Man that's better then any drink,any high,any anything,that you can think of.Man I can tell you some storys.People treating you like royalty,you getting paid for something you wrote,traveling from city to city,radio,TV,taking a different girl home every nite...Man those was the days,meet other artists,fans screamin Go cutie,Go cutie LOL.The only thing that really bothered that my moms never got a chance to see me,I think she would've been proud.I mean she is proud of me,but let's just say I wish she could have seen me...just one time or my kids for that matter :( Yeah,I was real close to a recording deal...but no cigar.But I mean I'm good with it...Hey,at lease unlike some of these young katts out here,I can say that I did it,been there and done that,and I would do it all over again if I had the chance.Again Life's little curve ball!

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