Friday, August 21, 2009

My kids!!

My kids are my life,I have two a girl and a boy,I spend time with them,play with them,talk to them,laugh and cry with them,all in all I love my kids,The only thing I don't like is that I'm along distance dad,which can be hard sometimes because I feel that my kids need more of me,and I know that I need more of them,Another thing that bothers me is the fact that no matter how good of a father I am I know that at lease one of my kids mother like to talk bad about me in front of my daughter, which is now making my daughter not want to be bothered with me,Now as a father I have been there for her as much as I should,meaning getting her every summer or every other summer,calling her on the phone every weekend,sending her clothes,bikes as well as paying child support on time,But yet I am still talked bad about from her mother,It's make me fucking sick sometimes,because I can understand if I was doing nothing for my child,you doing these thing like talking bad about me and such,But I'm there for you,I'm doing what I am suppose to for my child,And now with all that was said my child seems to hate me,And that shit pisses me off,As many fathers as there is NOT in they're kids life,as much as I had wished my father was there for me, you pull this shit,What kind of mother are you,what kind of example are you setting for our child,It's bad enough that kid today have very little guidedance as it is,Young girls trying to be grown,sexy,out having sex and making baby's at a young age 9,10,11,12,13,14,showing nude pictures of themselfs on the internet and shit,And mostly because there is no father in there lifes,And lets now begain to talk about the boys,I keep telling myself that with time it will get better,But sometime I don't see it,Now my son is a different story, he loves his daddy, seems that he could never get enough, and I love that because that my son,I just wish that my daughter acted the same way as her brother,Now don't get me wrong, me and my sons mother don't get along that great ether but she knows that I'll do anything for my kids so that not an issue,So lady's let the father of your child be a father, if you see that's what he is trying to be,Don't be childish and say things like you'll never see your child again,or talk bad about him to your child,There are not many men in the world that are trying to be a father as it is,So if he's trying to be one let him be one,We don't need another fatherless child in the world,And as for my kids I love them and will always be there for them no matter what,And as for my daughter, babie daddy still love you,but it hurts me when you treat me the way you do,and I'll be there when you need me always...That's real talk....holla....1one!!!!!

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