Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The clock is Ticking!

The clock is ticking,and time waits for no man,days go by,then months,and years just as fast.Kids are growing,soon they'll be adults,boy how time fly's.I use to look in the mirror and see a handsome young man,now when I look into the mirror, I see an older gentleman.Wise in wisdom,knowledgeable in life,who's achieved many things,and lost quite a few.Trying to pass the torch to the youth,because the clock is ticking,and time waits for no man.But do they want to know about life,I think not!You see most do not see a future, they just live for the day.And most live as if there is no tomorrow.But if they just stop,and open there eyes,and look around them,They will see that we are already in the future.And that now is the time to get there lifes right,for you can achieve everything ,and anything,that you put your mind to.But none want to do that,it's too much work they say.This generation is the lazyist,and sadist that I've ever seen.Technology is part of the reason that our kids are so lazy.Kids don't go outside and run and play as we did when we were young,all they do is sit in front of the TV and play video games all day,or do whatever on myspace,The computers are taking the minds of our kids,to the point where they just don't know what fun really is.And i'm not saying that all kids are this way,but a huge amount of kids are.Crime,gun play,robbing,stealing,hurting,killing are just fun and games to most kids.And you say, this is our future.Remember when you was young and crack started taking over,alot of women that was on crack at the time,was selling there body's to buy the drug,and in turn had baby's,Well now the baby's are grown up,which is one of the reasons why there's so much crime,and volence today.And there are so many other reason why as well,Let's look at society,so many color hating people walking up and down the streets,so much volence and sex in the movies,volence and sex in our music,gay marrages,gay television programs,building more jails.What the hell is going on here,and you wonder why so many people are fucked up.It is just as I stated,a program.You see the more it's in your face,the more you see it,and let's be real, it's been in your and my face as well as everyone else face for a very long time,programing us.Let's say you were born,but had no parents,and is being raised by a madd scientist,who since you were a baby,has put these type of television type of eye glasses on your face from the time you was a baby until,let's say 30 years old,now here's the catch,all that was played on the television eye wear was nothing but volence,around the clock 24-7 day & night.Now take the eye wear off,and set him free,being programed from a child until an adult,What do you think he's going to do when he get's out into the world, and being around people.He's proably going to be the worse killer you have ever seen.Which is the point that I'm trying to make,With all the volence,and sex,and crime we see on a daily basis in movies,in our music,on television.Now it ain't 24-7 day & night that we have to watch this,because unlike the person I was speaking of,we have a choice to at some point turn it off,But because some of us are weak people we still become programed not 24-7,but little by little,and a weak minded person will crack quicker then a strong minded person,so there you go Mr.Crazy running down the street doing everthing imaginable, and with so many people in this population,How many Mr.Crazy's do you think there are.And there are still many more reasons as to why,But I won't bore you with it,I just want to say that,the clock is ticking!

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